Significant Issues Within Public Administration

Certainly significant, though perhaps incomplete. ed.

As populations continue to increase globally, issues within public administration will likely develop and persist enough to create discussion. The question is whether it will specifically address all significant issues. Implementing government policy in a world of increasing demand and finite resources will pose a problem for governments to deal with in the coming decades.

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House bill would modify Johnson amendment, allow 501(c)(3) organizations to engage in partisan politics »Blog

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) and Rep. Jody Hice (R-GA) introduced legislation (H.R. 6195) just prior to the Congressional recess that would permit an organization exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the tax code to make statements relating to political campaigns as long as the statements “are made in the ordinary course of carrying out its tax-exempt purpose.” Such activity has been prohibited since 1954 due to amendment proposed by then-Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson (D-TX) which barred churches and other 501(c)(3) nonprofits from endorsing or opposing political candidates.

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Urban Management: Succeeding in the 21st Century | PA TIMES Online

Public management of urban cities is contingent upon many factors including government type, policymaking structures in place and how the success of established city programs are evaluated. There are a number of qualities that an effective urban manager must possess which include making decisions that place the needs of citizens above personal agendas, creating and fostering an environment that solicits citizen participation and engagement, and excellent leadership skills overall.

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Mental Illness is Disease, Not a Weakness

When my wife was first diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, we learned firsthand the devastating impact that stigmas associated with mental illness can delay seeking treatment. Alzheimer’s is a disease having very little to do with the person’s desire to NOT get it – at least as we know it today, and we all keep hoping there are things we can conclusively do to prevent it. For now, though, Alzheimer’s is a disease, not a weakness.

Unfortunately, one presidential candidate has stepped into the mental illness stigma trap, this time related to the impact of post-traumatic stress (PTS). As with Alzheimer’s, no one succumbs to the effects of PTS through their action or inaction. The brain is an organ, a body part, and it can develop challenges just like any other body part. Traumatic stress causes a reaction in the brain that we don’t yet fully understand and that reaction is not an individual weakness.

I know I could make a similar comparison for drug addiction. These problems need real investment in solutions, not government leaders who look down on those who are struggling. Isn’t it time we stop thinking people are weak, inattentive, or uncaring when they are affected by an overwhelming external or environmental force? Isn’t it time we elevated leaders who understand that mental illness or dementia are symptoms of being human, symptoms of living, and who treat these challenges with care and respect? Shouldn’t we elect leaders who don’t rush first to labels, but instead stand back and look for ways to help?

Venture Government | PA TIMES Online

A tech entrepreneur has a brilliant idea. He is looking for seed money, mentors, partners and capitalist minded individuals to help navigate various aspects of starting, expanding and building, and sustaining a company. If I were this entrepreneur, most individuals would point me to “Silicon Valley.” It is the land of dreams for tech entrepreneurs as it offers several private incubators, venture capitalist organizations, mentors and more to support entrepreneurs with their new businesses. But what about government support?

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