Schools Matter: It’s poverty, not teacher quality

“When researchers control for the effect of poverty, American students score near the top of the world on international tests. Our overall scores are unspectacular because of our unacceptably high child poverty rate, now around 25%. The problem is poverty, not teacher quality. Poverty means food deprivation, lack of health care, and lack of access to books. Each of these has a strong negative influence on school performance.”

Source: Schools Matter: It’s poverty, not teacher quality

Planning for the Future

Planning for the future, in particular city planning, consists of preserving the community, sustaining the community and ensuring the community has a future. An ideal way to meet the needs of a community now and in the future is through the three spheres of sustainability: economic, social and environmental. While addressing these spheres, it is also important to include sustainability and resiliency—both are needed for communities to survive and thrive.

Source: Planning for the Future

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